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Artist Biography

De Lane Bredvik is a Colorado installation artist who holds a Master of Architecture degree from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Bachelor of Art in Honor’s Art History from Southern Methodist University. After working in the field of Architecture, Bredvik became increasingly drawn to the ephemeral process of feeling, thinking, and understanding that provide the structure for creating experience. His work focuses on raising awareness of social and environmental issues, with current projects investigating quantum physics, consciousness, and cognition.

Artist Statement

Art communicates knowledge about reality by utilizing a form of cognition that encourages us to feel as well as think, using both heart and mind.

For more than a decade, I have used this special power of art in my installation work to help raise awareness of social and environmental issues. Recently however, I am exploring what awareness itself is. If someone lacks the critical thinking skills that allow them to be aware, or conscious, they may not shift their behavior to meet the challenges of the important issues in their lives or in society as a whole.

Interestingly, the field of Quantum Physics suggests that awareness is required for particles to exist in any given time and space. Consciousness creates reality.

We can strengthen our awareness and our own ability to consciously manifest reality through the practice of Meditation.

Enjoy my installation as an art experience, but pause at any given moment in any of the spaces to focus on your breath and be aware of the space/time moment you are creating.

Please pause and take three deep slow breaths before gently entering the installation. The 100 panels form a hexagonal honeycomb pattern in the gallery. As you find a space to linger within the installation, imagine how geometry is another building block of reality. Feel gratitude for anything you are thankful for. Breathe love out through your heart. Return to this space often, especially for any of the scheduled guided meditations. 

De Lane Bredvik

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