The MAC provides space and administrative support to artist/teachers and organizations who share their expertise with the community.

PPLD/MAC Manitou Knitting Club

  • Drop In - All levels welcome Every Friday 11am to noon in the Intemann Gallery

Dye Lab Project Classes

Tatting Classes with Natalia Foster

Crochet Classes with Natalia Foster

Beaded Earrings Classes with Natalia

Adobe Creative Suite Classes with Cathy Higley

AutoCAD Classes with Katharine Novak

Classes with Midknight (Lisa Murphy)

Revit Classes with Katharine Novak

Intermediate Woodshop Projects with Erik

Textiles, Collage and Ceramics Projects with Mary

Papermaking, Bookmaking and Printmaking Classes with Scott

Creating Ceramic Drinkware with Dallas

Creating Ceramic Tea Sets with Dallas

Glaze-Making Workshop with Dallas

  • No upcoming events

Free Standing Lace and Machine Embroidery

  • Request this class by contacting

Crochet Classes with Dusti Prioux

  • Request these classes by contacting

Drawing Classes with Jantzen

  • Request this class by emailing

Jewelry Metal Stamping

Meditation Sessions in the Hagnauer Gallery

Intro to Metalsmithing

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