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Pikes Peak Watercolor Society | Hagnauer Gallery in March 2023

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Pikes Peak Watercolor Society Members' Show

PPWS past secretary, vice president, president, program chair, all around dedicated member and extraordinary artist, Reveille Kennedy, will be honored at the Opening on March 3, 5-8pm. Please help us show our sincere gratitude and admiration to
Reveille for her twenty-four years supporting and promoting PPWS and for her artistic excellence.

Reveille Kennedy’s Artist Statement:
I am a people watcher and light gatherer, scanning body attitude, expression, and the drape of clothing, hair in sunlight and skin.  I imagine people and animals in settings of my own creation and I feel that their strength, dignity, weakness or sorrow is evident in my work, such as the limp limb of relaxation or the limber body pressed to the dancers side.  A baby unsteadily toddling, play and repose are part of my unique, colorful approach to painting.  Animals have attitude too. Some are dignified and some are silly or playful. It is up to me to catch the light of their character in an impressionistic way. I also love interpreting the majestic Rocky Mountains, lyrical florals, seasonal scenery and wildlife engaging with me in my back garden.  What is new to painting?  It is that indescribable individual scrawl, stroke, line or choice of color. It is the puzzling mix of learned and experimented. Great artists become, and become until their hair falls out and their jaws droop.  It is intuition, inspiration, and mystery.  For me, it is the most intriguing career anyone could have. When I grow up I want to own a swimming pool full of color and invite everyone to get drunk with transparency. Paintings influence thought. Paintings engage senses. Paintings make people wonder and meditate.

Current mottos: 
“A happy heart is a magnet for miracles.”
“Action builds confidence.”


Pikes Peak Watercolor Society Honors Reveille Kennedy for 24 Years of Exceptional Service and Talent

Reveille grew up in Pueblo, Colorado and created and painted with old enamels and with the wood leftover from her father’s building projects.  She was intrigued by the flamboyant colors in bugs and flowers, and the running together of the paints.  She ruined many uncleaned brushes with enamel paint.  Reveille was in the first class to graduate from South High School, Pueblo, CO  in 1960 and attended two years at Pueblo Jr. College. Reveille met and married Jim, her now lifelong friend, in 1961. They now have 61 years under their belts. She and Jim a met on a ranch in Chugwater, WY. Jim took night classes to become an engineer while working and together
they had five amazing children in six years. Reveille didn’t have much time to paint, but she did a few drawings in that time. She also learned to listen well to good sounds and bad sounds and no sound. No sound meant trouble. Her family has grown to include her children’s five spouses and eleven grandchildren, some of whom are married, and they are her greatest
blessings. Occasionally they  pose or are photographed for her paintings. They range in age from 16 to 31.
Reveille has taken many workshops and classes around the world and her paintings hang in England, Scotland and Japan, and also around the US.

Reveille is currently teaching and working out of her house/studio. Her service to Pikes Peak Watercolor Society includes one year as  Secretary, two years Vice President, two years President, and eleven years demo/programs chairperson. Reveille was a member of Arati Gallery in Old Colorado City for fifteen years, and was Arati President for two years.  She
took lessons locally from Herman Raymond, Lorraine Danzo and Martha Mans. Reveille ’s other activities are semi- Director of funeral receptions at her church, a lector, and she helps provide altar flower decor. Her days are filled with activity and joy.

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