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The Manitou Art Center is dedicated to offering equitable space and resources to artists, tinkerers, collaborators and you, creating an environment where all can flourish in our community.  

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The Wunderkind Jury viewed 149 pieces of art, and selected 103 to be exhibited in the 24th Annual Wunderkind Exhibit at the Manitou Art Center in April.

2023 Winning Entries

 Artist Name  Title
 Aaron Ross B-17 Texas Raider Welded Metal
  F6F Hellcat Welded Metal
  B-17 Texas Raiders Color Pencil
  B-17 Flying Fortress
 Abigail Marsh Las Meninas sin Cabeza
 Aleksander Zarkovacki Deep Sea Smoking
  Layers of Irony
 Alison Andrusiak Jupiter's Freeway
 Allison Costello Heartbreak
 Amanda Arant Let's Go Tightroping
 Andrew Odegard Solitude
  Once Upon a Forest
 Ashlynn Keller Flowers in a Vase
 Ava Schoenheit A Deity of Deities
  Every Rose Needs Its Thorns
 Ava VanWagenen Somber
  Sunset on Florida
 Camryn ShadeArriving  
 Ceylon Irwin Inconsolable Loss of Beauty
 Charlie Stuhlstaz Gills
  Superficial Structure
 Cheyenne Gutierrez Heart is Still Alive After You Die
  Up Close
 Collin Cooper Frozen in Time
 Demone White Medea
 Emily Cooney More Blush!
  Aquarium Field Trip
  City Nights
 Ethan Anderson Shivers
  Typewriter Still Life
  Stained Glass Window
  Closer to Home
 Gabi Arcamone Ellie
  Hopeless Warrior
  2 Dogs
 Glory Maramba A Queen's Rebellion
  Fading Light
  Old News
  Burning Bridges
 Gwyneth Vollaro Spring Break
  The Judges House
  We'll Keep the Lights On
 Hannah Gott Green-Eyed Monster
  Home from Above
  Obsidian Pelt
  A Crack in the Glass
 Ian Kelley Deterioration
 Isabella McFarland #4
  Emerald Lake
  Iraq 03
 Jackson Lay The Man in the Middle
 Jaxon Cripe Whale Botching
  A Sci-Fi Fantasy
 Kate Bolio Grounding Dissociation
 Kathryn Campbell Frozen Sunset
  Snow Day
  Monumental Sunset
 Kaylee Hill   89
  Stag Beetle
  It's Your Choice
  Who Am I to You?
 Kiera Majors It's All Just Space
  Divine Feminine
 Lincoln Robinson Who Am I
 Logan Olson Bones
 Lotus Noon The May Queen
 Luke Kettler The Alpinist
 Maddie Lentz Guilty Coinscience
 Makena Kaufmann Bubble Tower
  Two Trees
  Field Clearing
  Road Narrows
 Max Campbell The Fruits of Labor
  The Bells at Sunset
 Michelle Yim Magpies
 Molly Burton Killer Queen
  Lewis Hamilton
  The Past's Future
 Naomi Patterson Moonlight Dance
  Autumn Fox
 Shea Deviancy Reduction Vase
  Donut Wheel Thrown
 William Jones Rusty

Wunderkind 2023 FAQs

What is the Wunderkind exhibit?

  • Wunderkind is a prestigious juried exhibition of artwork from High School Juniors and Seniors in the Pikes Peak region
  • Students do not need to be enrolled in an art class to apply
  • Students may submit artwork to the MAC jury for consideration
  • If artwork is accepted, it will be displayed for the month of April 2023 in the Hagnauer Gallery at the Manitou Art Center, Manitou Springs
  • There will be a fun Opening Reception on Friday, 7 April from 5-8 pm

Is there a cost to participate?

No Entry Fee

How many artworks may be submitted for consideration?

A maximum of five (5) works per student may be submitted on the digital application form

What image format should be uploaded to the application form?

All images are to be submitted in jpeg or png format

What size & quality of image is acceptable for the application form?

  • Images should be in the range of 1600 pixels on the longest side
  • Min 72 dpi
  • Not more than 2 MB per image
  • If your work is 3D you may submit two different views of the work
  • If a detail image of the work is necessary, you may submit two images of that work
  • Enlarge your work on a computer screen, if it’s not crystal clear it won’t work for the jurors
  • Use neutral backgrounds, do not clutter your image as we are trying to view the work itself, crop out clutter.

What media may be submitted for consideration?

Any media - film, performance, 2d, 3d

What is the process if my work is selected for the exhibit?

  • Students will be notified by email and/or text on Tuesday, 28 February 2023
  • If selected to participate, 2D works such as drawings, prints, and photos must be framed and ready to hang
  • Paintings not on wood stretcher frames also need to be framed (paintings on paper or Masonite panels, for example). Information about “READY TO HANG” can be easily found on Google or contact the MAC staff if you have questions manager@manitouartcenter.org
  • Work must be brought to the MAC on any of these intake dates between 10am and 5pm:

March, Sat 25, Tues 28, Weds 29, Thurs 30, Fri 31 April, Sat 1

When will students collect artwork at the end of the exhibit?

Students will collect artwork on Saturday, 29 April.

May students sell their artwork?

Yes! The MAC will facilitate sales and retain a 30% commission fee

Coming in April! View Wunderkind works for sale on Manitou Made

Wunderkind Schedule 2023

Tuesday 14 FebruaryApplications due, inc. high quality images
Saturday 25 February
Jury review of submissions
Tuesday 28 February
Acceptance notifications emailed to students

25, 28, 29, 30, 31 March and 1 April

Art Intake (10am to 5pm on the dates listed)

Bring your jury selected artwork to the Manitou Art Center, 513 Manitou Avenue,

Manitou Springs, CO 80829

Work must be wired and ready to hang

Tuesday 4 April to Friday 7 April
Exhibit installed
Friday 7 April
First Friday Opening Reception 5-8pm
Saturday 29 April
Students collect artwork at the end of the show

Intake Form for Winning Entries 

Complete this form, submit, and bring your framed and wired work (if 2d) to the Manitou Art Center, 513 Manitou Avenue, Manitou Springs, CO 80829 on any of these dates between 10am and 5pm:

Saturday 25 March, Tuesday 28 March, Wednesday 29 March, Thursday 30 March, Friday 31 March OR Saturday 1 April

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