OpenAI - An introduction FREE/$15 non-members

  • 25 Aug 2023
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Manitou Art Center Classroom
  • 20



Open AI - Purported salaries of $500K, 40% of jobs replaceable by said technology, Pause development. With all this hyperbole, do you even understand what all the noise is about?

The instructor, Daniel Price is a Colorado registered professional engineer (license #33349) who engages continuous learning and has had a recent need to upgrade skills with this critical and powerful new technology. The tools are being used by Dan to develop background information to form a non-profit in the affordable housing arena. The course will be a combination of information presented and a hands on workshop. Bring your project to the lab and we will work together using these tools to assist development of your project. The class will start with a reading list which is backed up by a reading list supporting each lecture. Then once the material is covered each person in attendance will be able to schedule lab time to improve whatever project they are working on. The attendee will be coached in developing the work plan and the instruction sets to be accomplished. Where appropriate AI tools will be used to enhance the work planning. Expect a robust and rigorous approach.

First class, June 30, is required to attend this class. 

Daniel received his BSME at Kansas State University after first doing extensive coursework in Nuclear and Chemical Engineering. Dan's careeer spanned that from own business to that of multi-billion dollar engineering and construction projects for on of the worlds largest firms. Dan is no stranger to challenges and work complexity, bring your challenges to the class.

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