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Our journeys are intricately woven tapestries, our ancestors' energy entwined with our own, birth to quietus. A collection of our connections, experiences, stories, the languages we speak, our interests, feelings and personal favorites interlaced. Each day we contribute to our journey and each breath is a single mark within our composition. Veil is a body of work from Steffany Butts-Boucher’s journey that includes mixed media drawings, drawn tapestries, assemblage sculpture and embroidery. 

Artist Statement

The common thread within my life is that art and music have always been my communication tool. This work has been evolving over a very long period of time. My connection to this work began when I made my first marks, and first sounds. The moment when I learned that a single line or sound existing is a form of communication and a series of marks or sounds becomes fine language. VEIL is a collection of artifacts from my meditative practice on the value of communication, connection, time, observation and being present. Thread, fiber, textiles, perma-chrome ink, alcohol ink, oil of wintergreen and paper coalesce into sentences which have become the mapping of my journey. I was once an art history teacher and taught design at Parsons living as an artist in New York City and now, I have added in work within the scientific & spiritual realm. We carry sound within our bodies, veils of mist that sift and connect in with our pulse, our neural pathways. We utilize music and visual art to synthesize our experiences, to celebrate, to express and heal. Art, visual & auditory along with the tools we use to create it become artifacts for another lifetime; a symbol that tells a story for how we once lived. I am in love with prehistoric drawings - petroglyphs, the history of sound, the ecology of sound, and how our visceral discernment of them reactivates the process of storytelling - human connection. When I am working in my studio, I begin first by experimenting with materials to see how they interact and play. Once I feel a sense of flow, I continue to work intuitively and invite my own story to entwine & evolve. Each piece is another characteristic detail, another code to the story.


Steffany Butts - Boucher is a transcendental artist, instructor, certified sound practitioner, licensed spiritual healer, Communications and Programs Manager at the MAC, and owner of Echo Studio in Manitou Springs, CO. She received her MFA in Sculpture from Parsons School of Design in New York City and her BFA from Western Illinois University. She has shown her work throughout the United States including Illinois, Colorado, Brooklyn and New York City, in addition to Stuttgart, Germany. Her work is in private collections throughout the United States, including New York City, Brooklyn, Illinois, Missouri, Colorado & California; and Internationally including Germany, Iceland, Italy, Helsinki and Canada. Venues of collaborative, individual, group and invitational exhibits include: Kreuser Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO; Manitou Art Center, Manitou Springs, CO; Modbo, Colorado Springs, CO; Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Springs, CO; Pencil Factory, Brooklyn, NY; Niagara Space, NYC; ArtLot, Brooklyn, NY; HereArt, NYC; Crosby Street Project Space, NYC; WIU Gallery, Macomb, Illinois; Sullivan Taylor House, Macomb, Illinois; ArtHauz, Co-op Gallery, Macomb, Illinois; Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany. Steffany lives in Manitou Springs with her husband Curtis Boucher and their roommate Chance. 





There is an ongoing Call for Art for the Hagnauer Gallery. This is a juried show. Currently, we are taking submissions for 2026. Enter submissions HERE.

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