Radical Mending: Machine Stitching and Light Alterations - $25 + $5 Material Fee

  • 29 Sep 2022
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Manitou Art Center
  • 6


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Machine Stitching and Light Alterations

Before you give up on ever wearing that shirt again, join us for Radical Mending--you’ll learn practical sewing skills including how to hem, patch, adjust the fit of your existing garments, and try new ways to customize your clothes to make them your own.

That top that never quite fit? Bring it!

That pair of pants that’s just too short? Bring it!

Those jeans with the hole in the knee? Bring them too!

A variety of fabrics and preexisting garments will be available for you to deconstruct and use. garments will also be available from the teacher for practice.

This workshop will focus on using sewing machines for patching and repair, as well as changing the fit of clothing.

Learn new skills to help you repair, alter, and customize your clothes!

Materials Fee: $5 (pay Mel directly)

Public & MAC Members: $25

Teacher: Mel Williams

I’m a teaching artist in fashion, fiber arts, printmedia, painting and drawing, and sustainability arts practice. As an educator, I focus on creative daily living practices for beginners and intermediate learners. My energy is focused on getting students to explore their world–the world of things and ideas. Students in my classes use critical thinking about how objects and ideas are formed. They are encouraged to respond by creating and discussing as individuals, and as a collective of artists and designers.

I have been a teacher, youth worker and arts educator working across diverse communities for over 20 years. My classroom is inclusive, inquisitive and focuses on developing healthy and safe classroom cultures where students’ voices are heard with respect and curiosity.

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